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Pull-out table project, page four


Project wrap-up

Yea! All finished for a while. I'll add a leaf to the table sometime this winter.


Completed table - pulled out

I'll show you what I'm going to do for the computer wiring in the next picture.


Completed, table retracted

The extra storage room in the box was an unintentional bonus! Use edge banding on the box ends to tidy up the look.


Completed project, closed up

This picture was taken from a low angle to accentuate the edge banding, otherwise it's really not noticeable. I'll darken the banding when I get time. The dark thing in the middle is part of the magnetic latch. The hinges and latch are common items found at a hardware store. Use a router and make a matching decorative edge on the table front.

Final comments and wrap-up

I just realized I didn't document the making of the table drop-down front piece but again, it's just a couple of pieces of glued up cherry. Dear wife wants me to add a pull of some sort to the center which I will probably do in the future. I seriously doubt if I can find a matching handle.

Notice I did a better job of selecting and matching up the grain my cherry pieces than Winnebago did. They have a mix of heart wood and sap wood (dark and light pieces) and it drives me crazy every time I focus on the wood. Fun project that I can enjoy every time we use the coach.


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