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Goodbye pleated blinds, hello MCD American Duo shades!

Page 1:   - introduction to the problem, a few words about MCD, a Lat/Long for the MCD factory

Page 2:   - measuring and preparation for the MCD product, idea of costs

Page 3:  - this page - installation of the product, Part I

Page 4:  - installation of the product, Part II - a few movies of shade movement (or lack of) and how effective the day shade really is!

Disclaimer: this project write-up is based on my best recollection of the events and the product. Contact MCD Innovations before you make any decisions about their products


Windshield shade installation

Our dynamic duo, Andrew and Tyler, installing the windshield shades. Since we had factory original electric sun visors, they used the same wiring for the American Duo shades. Our driver's control panel had a switch for the driver's visor, and a switch for the passenger's visor. After this installation, the driver's visor switch controlled the day shade and the passenger's visor switch (on the driver's panel) controlled the night shade. The passenger's visor switch on the passenger's control panel also controls the day shade.

The visor switches on the driver's and passenger's side, with the ignition switch on, will not lower the shades below a pre-determined point of your choosing. The dash (or windshield shade) is not available for remote control due to the safety issue of having a spurious and unusual RF signal trick the electronics into lowering the shades and totally blocking your vision.

Shade detail

Here's a good view of the dash install. The vertical "A" pillar (between the door and windshield) cover was trimmed to allow the shade to nicely track down, and it serves to inhibit the shade from swinging around very much while in-motion. On our maiden 350 mile trip with the MCD shades, very little movement was noticed. You can decide for yourself when you watch the movies we have included near the end of the project write-up.

Detailed view of the dash shade

Demo of the effectiveness of the day shade

Here's a good picture of the day shade about half-way in the down position. No fooling - this is exactly how the camera captured the moment. The day shade is quite effective at blocking glare!

Cockpit trim boards or valances

MCD has a full woodworking shop on campus, but jobs out upholstery. MCD made these trim boards and sent them out to be covered in Ultra-leather or equivalent. The color of the trim was a beautiful match for the dash color.

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